The general terms and conditions of chartering boats are an integral part of the charter lease agreement and are legal for the lessor and the lessee.
Charter rental prices are shown in Euros, are subject to change, and include services for the use of the boat and equipment.
The charter price does not include the cost of the residental tax of the tenants, the port and other fees for the boat as well as the cost of fuel.
The boats can be rented by online booking or by direct booking at the reception in Camping Glavotok.
Ships leased through online booking, the lessee may use the complete equipment only after the rental price is paid: 50% of the total rental price of the boat when booking and the remaining 4 weeks before the start of the rental.
Boats that are rented by a direct leaseholder reservation at the campsite Glavotok can be used by the lessee with the complete equipment only after the charter price has been paid in full.
The beginning of boat rental starts at the time agreed between the lessor and the lessee. The earliest time to rent a boat is at 9.00 am and the boat should be back by 19.00h.
When landing a boat, the lessee deposits the lessor with the valid price list, and the deposit returns without deduction if the vessel is returned to the lessee in the same functional condition as the charterer was given to the lessee and at the scheduled time.
The Lessee is obliged to have a license to operate the boat he is renting.